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واژگان درس 2 دهم زبان انگلیسی

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در این قسمت از مجموعه جزوات آکو واژگان درس 2 دهم زبان انگلیسی را برای شما گرد آوری نموده ایم. لغات درس 2 دهم زبان دهم لغات نسبتاً مهمی هستند که همه باید آن ها را یاد بگیرند. جدول حاضر شامل کلمه، معنی انگلیسی یا مترادف، مثال و معنای فارسی می باشد.

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NumWordDefinitionExampleمعنای فارسی
1Wonder(n)a feeling of surprise and admiration for something very beautiful or new to you [= awe]the Seven Wonders of the Worldشگفت،عجیب
2creationsomething that has been createdAre we the only thinking species in creation?خلقت
3Create(v)to make something exist that did not exist beforeA score of 80 or more is a sign that you are doing very wellخلق کردن
4signa piece of paper, metal, or wood with words or a picture that gives people information, warnings, or instructionsA score of 80 or more is a sign that you are doing very wellنشانه، علامت
5heavensthe skyHe looked up towards the heavens.آسمان
6amazingvery good, especially in an unexpected wayHe’s an amazing player to watch.شگفت انگیز
7wonderfulmaking you admire someone or something very much [= amazing]It’s wonderful what doctors can do nowadays.شگفت انگیز
8camelA large desert animal with a long neck and either one or two humps (=large raised parts) on its back.Have you ever ridden a camel?شتر
9withoutNot having something, especially something that is basic or necessary.Billy came to class without his school books.بدون
10interestIf you have an interest in something or someone, you want to know or learn more about them.Ben has shown an interest in learning Frenchعلاقه
11interestingIf something is interesting, you give it your attention because it seems unusual or exciting or provides information that you did not know about.It would be interesting to know how much he earns.جالب توجه
12Base onTo use something as the thing from which something else is developed.Their relationship was based on mutual respect.بر اساس
13Order(v)To arrange something in an order.The list is ordered alphabetically.چیدن
14anta small insect that lives in large groupsHow damaging are ants to plants?مورچه
15planetA very large round objects in space that moves around the sun or another star.Mercury is the smallest of all the planets.سیاره
16ringAn object in the shape of a circle.Cut the onion into ringsحلقه
17heartThe organ in your chest which pumps blood through your body.Regular exercise is good for the heart.قلب
18bloodThe red liquid that your heart pumps around your body.Cook the rice until all the liquid is absorbed.خون
19moonThe round object that you can see shining in the sky at night, and that moves around the Earth every 28 days.We arrived by the light of the moon.ماه، قمر
20observatorya special building from which scientists watch the moon, stars, weather etc.I pressed the button to close the observatory roof. رصدخانه
21telescopeA piece of equipment shaped like a tube, used for making distant objects look larger and closer.I looked through the telescope and saw a small boy with a bag over his shoulder.تلسکوپ
22microscopeA scientific instrument that makes extremely small things look larger.Six new stereo microscopes have been ordered.میکروسکوپ
23rockyCovered with rocks or made of rock.They hurried over the rough rocky ground.سنگلاخ
24orbitto travel in a curved path around a much larger object such as the Earth, the sun etc.The moon’s orbit around the Earth.چرخیدن، چرخش، مدار
25powerfulMachine/weapon etc. a powerful machine, engine, weapon etc. is very
effective and can do a lot.
He was a tall man with a powerful physique.نیرومند
26liquidA substance that is not a solid or a gas, for example water or milk.Add most of the flour to the liquid and stir the mixture.مایع
27dropA very small amount of liquid that falls in a round shape.A single drop of blood splashed onto the floor.قطره
28cellThe smallest part of a living thing that can exist independently.red blood cellsسلول
29microbeAn extremely small living thing which you can only see if you use a microscope.Each microbe was made up of atoms and molecules.میکروب
30dailyHappening or done every day.The daily rate for parking downtown is $15.روزانه
31exercisePhysical activities that you do in order to stay healthy and become stronger.Working in an office, I don’t get much exercise.ورزش
32usefulhelping you to do or get what you want [≠ useless]The book is full of useful information.مفید
33cleareasy to see through, rather than colored or dirty [= transparent; ≠ cloudy, opaque]The question wasn’t very clear.تمیز
34pumpTo make liquid or gas move in a particular direction, using a pump.We were able to pump clean water from several of the wells.پمپ کردن
35healthy1. Physically strong and not likely to become ill or weak.
2. Good for your body.
I’ve always been perfectly healthy until now.سالم، سلامت
36defendTo do something in order to protect someone or something from being attacked.The struggle to defend our homeland was successful.دفاع کردن
37carryTo hold something in your hand or arms, or support it as you take it somewhere.Angela carried the child in her arms.حمل کردن
38collectto get things of the same type from different places and bring them together [↪ collection, collector]Nigel’s hobby is collecting rare books.جمع کردن
39facta piece of information that is known to be true.Newspapers have a duty to provide readers with the facts.حقیقت، واقعیت
40aliveNot dead    still living and not dead.It was a bad accident – they’re lucky to be alive.زنده
41againstUsed to say who or what you are trying to protect someone or something from.He advised me against travelling.علیه، بر
42donateTo allow some blood or a body organ to be removed from your body so that it can be used in a hospital to help someone who is ill or injured.Last year he donated $1,000 to cancer research.اهدا کردن
43villageA very small town in the countryside.There are some nice little pubs in the villages round here.روستا
44nationA large group of people of the same race and language.Japan has become one of the richest nations in the world.ملت
45strangeunusual or surprising, especially in a way that is difficult to explain or understand [= odd]Does Geoff’s behavior seem strange to you?عجیب
46greatvery good [= wonderful, fantastic]The movie was a great successعالی
47kindsaying or doing things that show that you care about other people and want to help them or make them happy [≠ unkind; ↪ kindly, kindness]She’s a very kind and generous person.مهربان
48modernmade or done using the most recent designs or methods [= up-to-date]Computers are an essential part of modern life.پیشرفته
49bravedealing with danger, pain, or difficult situations with courage and confidence [= courageous]Her brave fight against cancer.شجاع
50sharkA large sea fish with several rows of very sharp teeth that is considered to be dangerous to humans.Sharks were circling around our boat.کوسه
51detailA single feature, fact, or piece of information about something.She told me every detail of her trip.جزییات
52cheapLow price. not at all expensive, or lower in price than you expected [≠ expensive]It’s cheaper to phone after six o’clock.ارزان
53easynot difficult to do, and not needing much effort [≠ difficult, hard]There must be an easier way to do that.آسان
54freshGood or interesting because it has not been done, seen etc. before.I’ll just make some fresh coffee.تازه
55abroadIn or to a foreign country.I’ve never lived abroad    before.خارج
56deliciousvery pleasant to taste or smell.The meal was absolutely delicious,’ She said politely.خوشمزه
57elementOne part or feature of a whole system, plan, piece of work etc. especially one that is basic or important.Honesty is a vital element of her success.عنصر، عامل
58qualityHow good or bad something is.The recent hot, humid weather is affecting air quality.کیفیت
59ageThe number of years someone has lived or something has existedDad retired at the age of 56.سن
60nationalitythe state of being legally a citizen of a particular country [↪ citizenship]He has British nationality.ملیت
61materialA solid substance such as wood, plastic or metal.Could I have six meters of that curtain material?مواد
62uglyextremely unattractive and unpleasant to look at [= hideous; ≠ beautiful]We hated our uncle. He was fat and ugly, with tiny eyes and a long, pointed nose.زشت
63deepgoing far down from the top or from the surface [≠ shallow]The swimming pool has a deep end and a shallow end for kids.عمق، عمیق

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