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در این بخش از سری جزوات زبان انگلیسی واژگان درس 1 دهم زبان انگلیسی یا همان وکب را برای شما عزیزان گردآوری کرده ایم. لغات درس 1 دهم زبان را به همراه معنای فارسی، انگلیسی و یک مثال کاربردی می توانید ببینید.

معنای فارسیexampleDefinitionwordnum
تعداد کمI have to buy a few things at the supermarketa small number of things or peoplea few1
زندهThe doctor’s quick action kept the child aliveStill living and not deadalive2
درمیان، دربینThe girl quickly disappeared among the crowdin or through the middle of a group of people or thingsamong3
اصلاShe told me not to phone her anymorenot any longeranymore4
هیچ چیزThere isn’t anything interesting in the newspaper todayany thing, event, situation etc, when it is not important to say exactly whichanything5
عربSyria is an Arab countryArab6
خرسThere were four bears in the cagea large strong animal with thick fur that eats flesh, fruit, and insectsbear7
قصد داشتنWe are going to have our lunch at the supermarket todayUsed to say that something will happen in the near futurebe going to8
پرندهSome birds travel long distancesa creature with wings and feathers that can usually fly many birds sing and build nests,and female birds lay eggsbird9
خسته کنندهHer husband is about the most boring person I’ve ever metnot interesting in any wayboring10
گربهCats chase mice, don’t theya small animal with four legs that people often keep as a pet. Cats sometimes kill small animals and birdscat11
فنجانShe put her cup and saucer down on the tablea small round container, usually with a handle, that you use to drink tea, coffee etccup12
چیتاIranian cheetah is in danger of extinctiona member of the cat family that has long legs and black spots on its fur, and can run extremely fastcheetah13
خطرSome drivers are a danger to everyone in the roadthe possibility that someone or something will be harmed, destroyed, or killeddanger14
نابود کردنThe school was completely destroyed by fireto damage something so badly that it no longer exists or cannot be used or repaireddestroy15
منقرض شدنThe wild population of koalas is in danger of dying outto disappear or stop existing completelydie out16
متفاوتOur sons are very different from each othernot like something or someone else, or not like before [≠ similar]different17
دلفینDolphins usually swim in the groupsa very intelligent sea animal like a fish with a long grey pointed nosedolphin18
اردکHave you seen the group of ducks migratinga very common water bird with short legs and a wide beak, used for its meat, eggs, and soft feathersduck19
زمینThe earth revolves around the sunthe planet that we live onearth20
فیلWhich animal is heavier, an elephant or a tigera very large grey animal with four legs, two tusks (=long curved teeth) and a trunk (=long nose) that it can use to pick things upelephant21
دیگرThere’s something else I’d like to talk about as well besides or in addition to someone or somethingelse22
در معرض خطرSmoking during pregnancy endangers your baby’s lifeto put someone or something in danger of being hurt, damaged, or destroyedendangered23
مخصوصاًI never liked long walks, especially in winter used to emphasize that something is more important or happens more with one particular thing than with others = particularlyespecially24
پرواز کردنWill you take the train there or flyto travel by planefly25
بیشه/ جنگلMuch of Scandinavia is covered in dense foresta large area of land that is covered with treesforest26
برای مثالIn some countries, Italy for example family life is very importantused before mentioning a specific thing, person, place etc in order to explain what you mean or to support an argumentfor example27
آزاد/ مجانیThere’s a special free gift with this month’s magazinesomething that is free does not cost you any moneyfree28
آیندهWe are now more able to predict future patterns of climate changelikely to happen or exist at a time after the presentfuture29
زرافهThere is an African giraffe in Tehran zooa tall African animal with a very long neck and legs and dark spots on its yellow-brown furgiraffe30
بزWe can get milk from a goatan animal that has horns on top of its head and long hair under its chin, and can climb steep hills and rocks. Goats live wild in the mountains or are kept as farm animalsgoat31
خلیجthe Gulf of Mexico the persian gulfa large area of sea partly enclosed by landgulf32
بلندThis is the highest mountain in Japanmeasuring a long distance from the bottom to the top [≠ low]high33
امیدوارEveryone’s feeling pretty hopeful about the future1 believing that what you hope for is likely to happen [= optimistic]hopeful34
ان شااللهBy then the problem will hopefully have been solved a way of saying what you hope will happen, which some people think is incorrecthopefully35
بشرThere are many different cell types in the human bodybelonging to or relating to people, especially as opposed to machineshuman36
شکارچیWolves are very professional huntersa person who hunts wild animals, or an animal that hunts other animals for hunter37
شکارHunting the animals will endanger the wildlifechasing and killing animals for food or sporthunting38
ایده / نظرI’ve had an idea. Why don’t we walk into towna plan or suggestion for a possible course of action, especially one that you think of suddenlyidea39
افزایش دادنThe population increased dramatically in the first half of the centuryif you increase something, or if it increases, it becomes bigger in amount, number, or degree [≠ decrease, reduce]increase40
به جایYou probably picked up my keys instead of yoursused to say what is not used, does not happen etc, when something else is used, happens etcinstead41
جنگلThe jungles of south America are very amazinga thick tropical forest with many large plants growing very close togetherjungle42
پلنگI’ve never seen any leopards in my lifea large animal of the cat family, with yellow fur and black spots, which lives in Africa and South Asialeopard43
شیرHe is as brave as lion. He knows no feara large animal of the cat family that lives in Africa and parts of southern Asia. Lions have gold-colored fur and the male has a mane (=long hair around its neck)lion44
زندهThe sun affects all living things (=people, animals, and plants)alive now [≠ dead]living45
پایینfamilies existing on very low incomessmall, or smaller than usual, in amount, level, or value [≠ high]low46
معنی دادنThe red light means ‘Stop’to have or represent a particular meaningmean47
موش هاDirt is the main cause of increasing miceMouse is a singular noun. The plural form is micemice48
باید/ اجبارAll passengers must wear seat beltsto have to do something because it is necessary or important, or because of a law or ordermust49
طبیعیIt’s natural to feel nervous before an examexisting in nature and not caused, made, or controlled by peoplenatural50
بعدیI just missed my flight to Chicago. When’s the next one1 the next event, day, time etc is the one that happens after the present one, or the previous onenext51
امروزهMost people nowadays are aware of the importance of a healthy dietnow, compared with what happened in the pastnowadays52
تعدادFive was her lucky numbera word or sign that represents an amount or a quantitynumber53
قدیمیSome of the houses around here are very oldsomething that is old has existed or been used for a long time [≠ new]old54
فقطThere are only a few cars on the islandnot more than a particular number, age etconly55
پانداPandas are quite calm animalsa large black and white animal that looks like a bear and lives in the mountains of Chinapanda56
گذشتهStudy some past exam papers to get an idea of the questionsdone, used, or experienced before nowpast57
توجه کردن بهShe tried to pay attention to what he was sayingwhen you carefully listen to, look at, or think about someone or somethingpay attention58
دشتThe plains of Olympia are in Greecea large area of flat dry landplain59
محافظت کردنAre we doing enough to protect the environmentto keep someone or something safe from harm, damage, or illnessprotect60
اخیراًJerry lived in Cairo until quite recentlynot long agorecently61
درستI got most of the questions righta statement or piece of information that is right is correct and based on true facts [= correct; ≠ wrong]right62
جادهI was driving along the road when a kid suddenly stepped out in front of mea specially prepared hard surface for cars, buses, bicycles etc to travel onroad63
سفر مدرسه ایThe students are planning for a school trip to Mashhada kind of trip usually arranged by schoolsschool trip64
به زودیDavid arrived sooner than I expectedin a short time from now, or a short time after something else happenssoon65
از قبیلCartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and Snoopy are still popularused when giving an example of somethingsuch as66
ببرTigers live in some parts of Asiaa large wild animal that has yellow and black lines on its body and is a member of the cat familytiger67
امروزI couldn’t go shopping yesterday so I’ll have to go todayon the day that is happening nowtoday68
فرداOur class is going to London tomorrowon or during the day after todaytomorrow69
امشبI think I’ll go to bed early tonightduring the night of this daytonight70
شهرA town is larger than a village and smaller than a citya large area with houses, shops, offices etc where people live and work, that is smaller than a city and larger than a villagetown71
وال / نهنگWhales are the biggest animal in the worlda very large animal that lives in the sea and looks like a fish, but is actually a mammalwhale72
کدامWhich book are you looking for1 used to ask or talk about one or more members of a group of people or things, when you are uncertain about it or about themwhich73
وحشیa field full of wild flowersliving in a natural state, not changed or controlled by peoplewild74
حیات وحشthe destruction of wildlife habitatsanimals and plants growing in natural conditionswildlife75
نشانه آیندهA meeting will be held next Tuesday at 3 p.mused to make future tenseswill76
گرگa pack of wolves are trying to hunt a buffaloa wild animal that looks like a large dog and lives and hunts in groupswolf77
نشانه آینده منفی I will come with you, but she won’tnegative form of will.won’t78
تمایل داشتنI’d like a cheeseburger, pleaseused to say that you want something or want to do somethingwould like79
هنوزI haven’t asked him yet (=but I will)used in negative statements and questions to talk about whether something that was expected has happenedyet80
گورخرFortunately zebras are not endangered animals in Iranan animal that looks like a horse but has black and white lines all over its bodyzebra81
نگهبان باغ وحشA zookeeper is always cleaning the animals’ cage in the morningsomeone who looks after animals in a zoozookeeper82

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